Album: ‘Take A Stand’ 

‘Starting as a piece of gentle acoustic pop, with hints of Jose Gonzalez and Damien Rice before cascading into synth-laden electro is no easy task, Robb makes fusing the two seem easy BBC 6 Music

Remember that feeling you got when you first listened to ‘Cannon Ball’ by Damien Rice or ‘Better’ by Tom Baxter? That you were listening to something very special… Just press play and ‘Take A Stand’ may take you back to that moment.

Robb Murphy’s inimitable style derives from his background as a producer/engineer. Retaining all the hallmarks that separates him from his contemporaries in the singer-songwriter world – he has the creativity, the passion, the raw emotion and the haunting beauty that great singer songwriters are made of.

The album throughout contains a pop folk flavour with a touch Irish heritage. Tracks such as 'Love In abundance' builds from nothing to a crescendo of devastatingly beauty sung straight from the heart.

 Armed with a distinctive voice that demands the repeat button, which is only emboldened by an uncanny lyrical ability, Robb Murphy’s debut is a must for fans of acoustic pop ballads.


Robb Murphy’s self produced debut album ‘Take A Stand’, was released in late April 2012.






Some quotes:


“More than capable of reeling in listeners from a broad spectrum- CYOF


“Technically masterful and clear-cut”- GOLDENPLEC

“The instrumentation along with his voice gives the whole collection of songs a distinct feeling of a classic summer album.” .... ChordBlossom


“Just at a time when you forgot such elegance in song writing existed along comes Robb Murphy and his album take a stand”-THE BIZZNIZZ


“Belfast’s jack of all trades turnds his attention to quicky acoustic pop with devillshly sexy results.” BBC INTRODUCING


The Band:

Robb Murphy & Band recently recorded a session for

Also for RTE Two Tube, First acoustic track of three to be aired